Are you ready for a field trip your Students will always remember?


Students will experience history first hand at Old Florida Museum!  Costumed tour guides lead your class through

an interactive trip through Florida’s history.  Free time and a take-home project are included in each program.


Florida Indian Program - Students experience the daily life of the Timucua Indians firsthand.  Participate in Native American games, jewelry making, corn grinding, gardening, and utilize a bow drill.  Student take-home project is a shell necklace.


Spanish Colonial/Fort Mose Program Students experience life as a Spanish settler in St. Augustine and  learn about Fort Mose, the first free Black Settlement in Colonial America.  Students participate in period appropriate activities including candle dipping, colonial games, tabby making, weaving, woodworking, corn grinding.  Student take-home project is a hand-dipped candle taper.


Early Florida Pioneer Program - Attend class in a one-room schoolhouse and experience a day in the life of a child in the 1800s.  Students participate in corn shelling and milling, write with a quill pen, draw water from a pitcher pump, play pioneer games, try out their roping skills and garden with a push plow.  Student take-home project is a  quill-pen writing sample on parchment paper.


Archaeological Dig Program - Students learn about the field of archaeology: what it is, how archaeologists work, and how we can learn about the past through what archaeologists find.  Students will then participate in a mock dig to uncover and identify findings on their own.  Take-home project is the record of findings.


Ships & Sailors Program  - Climb aboard a 70’ replica of a Spanish Caravel named the Corazon de Madre.  The   “Corazon de Madre” will take students on an adventure of exploration on the high seas while never leaving land. Students will learn what life was like upon such a vessel - the hardships, talent and bravery the sailors needed to sail to uncharted lands with uncertain results. Take home project is a self plotted course to the new world and constellation identification.

Homestead Program   - Experience life on an authentic 1800s Florida Cracker homestead. Visit the home of the Clark family who occupied this dwelling for over 20 years. The tour takes you into their home, detached kitchen, smoke house, out house and gardens. Work the water pump, sugar cane grinder and grind corn to feed the chickens. You will get up close and personal with live cracker cattle like bulls, cow, sheep and even our resident pigs. You will hear about their uses and what made them so special.

Educational Programs are for groups of 15 or more.

  Please call 904-824-8874 for details and reservations.



 Pre-visit teaching materials provided  *  Picnic facilities on site  *  Pre-K through 12th Grade

Call 904-824-8874

Advance Reservations Required




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