Old Florida Museum offers six unique "HANDS-ON" programs designed to be entertaining as well as educational. Students experience life in St. Augustine through the struggles and successes of its people during distinct time periods of Florida’s history.  All programs follow the Sunshine State Standards.  

Each program runs for 45 to 55 minutes. Groups may choose to do 1, 2 or all 6 programs. The program areas fit up to 30 participants comfortably. Multiple classes can be accommodated in the facility at one time.


A guide greets the group upon arrival and gives an orientation prior to entering.  The guide shares an interactive history of the time period. Students make a project that they will take home.  Students then have free time to participate in a variety of activity stations.


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There are two picnic areas one tree covered located just outside the Pioneer Program area and the other is a covered picnic area just outside the General Store. These areas can accommodate up to 250 people.  They are available by reservation only and based upon availability..


Group reservations are required in advance for any educational programs. To check available dates or make reservations please call (800) 813-3208 or (904) 824-8874

                      Timucua Indian Program                               

Pre-European Florida 1565

The Natives of North America were known as the Timucua Indians and their settlement in this area was called ….

                          Spanish Colonial / Fort Mose Program

Spanish Settlement 1565—1763

The Spanish settle St. Augustine on September 8th, 1565. It was a military outpost that included three standing ….

                          “Florida Cracker” Pioneer Program

Pioneer Era 1821—1900’s

In 1821, the United States bought Florida from Spain. Homesteading was encouraged by the government to ….

                      Archaeological Dig Program

Archaeology is the study of material remains of cultures. Archaeologist use what has been left behind by ….

                      Ships & Sailors Program

Ships & Sailors will take you into the world of Spanish exploration by sea. Learn what it took to explore and conquer by sea as this was the modern transportation of…




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