During the months of January and February the Old Florida Museum offers 3 unique hands-on Black History Educational Programs. These tours focus on the rich heritage of African-Americans and the crucial, yet often-overlooked roles they played during various periods of history.  Each interactive program brings students into authentically re-created surroundings where they can experience what it was like to live, work, and play in those time periods.  

Each hour-long program contains a take-home project and free time for students, just as our other school programs do.  Reservations are required, so call (800) 813-3208 or (904) 824-8874 to check for availability and book programs for your group!

The Black Seminole Indians Program tells the story of runaway slaves who joined bands of Creek Indians and became mighty Seminole warriors whose descendants still live here to this day.  In the early 1700s, there were more than 100,000 of these Black Seminoles living in Florida. 

The Free Black Communities Program acquaints students with St. Augustine’s Fort Mose, the first free Black settlement in America where Blacks were self-governed, as well as Negro Fort, which was built in western Florida during the War of 1812 to train runaway slaves and free Blacks to become soldiers

In the Black Florida Cow Hunter Program, students learn about the challenges newly freed African-Americans faced after the Civil War.  Thanks to skills obtained while working on cattle plantations, many of the Freeman became cow hunters.  In fact, from the 1870s thru the early 1900s almost one in four cow hunters were African-American.

Black History Programs

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